Sep 30, 2020 Eyes on the sky! Eta Aquariid meteor shower to peak on Tuesday. The National Weather Service in Pittsburgh said it was aware of the reports but.... Oct 25, 2020 But experts from the Mauna Kea observatories offer a simple explanation of what they suspect. So in all likelihood, what they saw last night was.... Mar 14, 2021 Early risers from North Carolina to New York took videos and pictures of a mysterious bright light spotted in the sky early Sunday morning.. Apr 13, 2021 Fireball lights up Florida night sky. The American Meteor ... off the east coast of Florida. Did you see the bright flash last night around 10:20pm?. Aug 28, 2019 Just me or does anyone else see this weird orange light in the sky tonight or am I missing something that's going on tonight in Hull?, one.... Apr 8, 2021 Several viewers sent KXAN pictures and videos of what appeared to be a long string of lights tracking across the sky around 9 p.m. Some.... Dec 5, 2020 A string of mysterious lights spotted in the Colorado night sky on Friday had many viewers contacting FOX31.. Dec 5, 2020 ... sent CBS 2 a picture of these lights. " I saw between 10-12 white illuminated objects moving from an SW to NE direction in the sky last night.. A mysterious flash of light that appeared over the sky in northwestern China is believed to be a meteor, but .... Mar 25, 2021 PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) Was that a meteor? Space junk? Aliens? Probably not. It's more likely the second stage of the Falcon 9 that.... Mar 14, 2021 For early risers in North Carolina, Sunday morning raised questions, as strange, bright lights flickered across the dark sky. Viewers wrote to.... Green meteor fireball lights up night sky over Pilbara, Western Australia ... Huge Green flash in night sky over Melbourne suburbs. Recorded with night.... Apr 13, 2021 My vantage point of the meteor / small asteroid lighting up the South Florida sky. ... Big flash and streak across sky in West Palm Beach. ... A large fireball (bright meteor) lit up the sky across Florida and the Bahamas last night.. Dec 4, 2020 If you saw a strange line of lights in tonight's sky you are not alone! No, it's not aliens, it's a brand new set of SpaceX satellites that were.... Mar 21, 2021 Did you see it? NASA Meteor Watch says a very bright fireball was spotted across the East Coast around 12:26 a.m. Sunday morning. d9ca4589f4

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